Irrigation Technologies is a full service irrigation consulting and design firm with over 30 years of irrigation and green industry related experience. We offer first-hand knowledge of the challenges that irrigation managers encounter during a project, having 16+ years of in-field experience, ranging from labor positions to high level management.  Through continuing education, and a strong participation in industry events, Irrigation Technologies stays far ahead of the curve in technological advances and knowledge as efficiency experts relative to water and energy use. Those advances are incorporated into our designs to the benefit of each client. Additionally, Irrigation Technologies maintains current subscriptions to the leading software design packages.

Irrigation Technologies is well versed in all major irrigation manufacturer product lines, having designed and observed installation of satellite, decoder and integrated control module control systems. We offer a depth of experience in working with PVC and HDPE piping in mainline and lateral applications. Our designs maximize the performance of the sprinkler heads giving the operators unparalleled irrigation control.

We offer an unmatched level of mastery in regards to pumping systems, energy use, and most importantly, the methods in which a utility company bills for use.


Irrigation Technologies recognizes the importance of understanding and identifying the performance of any existing irrigation system. The data that is collected during an irrigation assessment will focus on performance of the sprinkler head, distribution uniformity (DU), along with existing irrigation system infrastructure, and current control system. All auditing is performed by a Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor (CGIA) following Irrigation Association (IA) guidelines

In brief, our irrigation assessment services include:

  • Catch can testing
  • Monitor sprinkler head time of rotation
  • GPS data collection of the test area
  • Dynamic pressure monitoring, system wide and at the sprinkler head
  • Identify heads that are too low, high, not level, or have a blocked stream
  • Interview staff members that are responsible for system maintenance, look for indicators that may identify impending system failure
  • Development of a data collection worksheet for each test area
  • Documentation and presentation of test result findings

After identifying the current performance benchmark, Irrigation Technologies will identify areas for improved system performance, provide an estimated cost of improvement, and detail the expectations that the improvement will have on the irrigation system. Irrigation Technologies will assemble a report that details the assessment process, results of the study, methods to improve system performance, identify rebates offered by water purveyor to improve efficiency, and cost to implement the recommended measure.


At Irrigation Technologies, our staff recognizes that development of an irrigation masterplan provides a road map to design, contract, install, and operate any irrigation system.   Our design process begins with an on-site interview with the Client and design team.  This meeting is used to discuss the scope of the project, design philosophy, project schedule, and project  budget. Irrigation Technologies works hand in hand with the Owners, Golf Course Architect, Land Developer, Committee Members, and Public Officials to assemble a complete design package that provides solutions to all the irrigation and water related needs.

Continuing education for our staff ensures that Irrigation Technologies is always up to date on the latest products. We take advantage of and utilize the latest technology in our design sets. Our staff regularly works with the most recent versions of AutoCAD©, Trimble© GPS, ESRI©, and MicroStation© software suites during the development of our design documents.

Plans are developed to work within project specific coordinated systems and projections, incorporating the latest pipe infrastructure technology.  Whether we are working with existing base map data or generating the base map, our GPS mapping technology and high resolution aerial and satellite imagery provide state-of-the-art designs for client review.


During a renovation project, Irrigation Technologies earmarks time to allow for a review of existing golf course irrigation records, analyze existing irrigation infrastructure that may be re-used, and any available records/drawings that would be useful in the development of the plan set.   After that review, Irrigation Technologies develops a coverage plan that identifies the sprinkler head locations and the radius of throw. The coverage plan will identify the effective coverage and identify any areas that may need attention.

Irrigation Technologies will develop a pre-qualification specification for Contractors interested in bidding on the project and subsequent evaluation of those submitted qualification statements. After review, qualified Contractors will be invited to a pre-bid meeting to introduce the plan set along with identification any unique circumstance associated with the project, members of the design team, and a tour of the site. A written summary of the pre-bid meeting is provided to all bidders along with any necessary addenda to further sharpen the focus of the project scope. A tabulation and review of the submitted bids, along with a recommendation that identifies the most complete and comprehensive bid.


As the most expensive piece of equipment that a golf course operates, it is important to understand how the pump station uses electricity, and if the existing pumping plant is operating at its best efficiency point (BEP). We will conduct overnight power monitoring of the entire station with a True RMS power meter as well as monitor one phase of each pump to identify when each pump is operating, and what level of performance the pump is producing. Our data collection procedures collect power, pump head, and flow data during overnight irrigation cycles.

Irrigation Technologies works hand in hand with energy efficiency experts in a variety of fields to identify the most efficient pumps, motors, and control systems available. In brief, our Energy Audit services include the follow services:

  • Identify and apply for utility funded study assistance programs
  • Identify pump, motor and plant efficiency
  • Central computer programming efficiency
  • kW demand
  • Identify actual power cost to pump water ($/hour, $/million gallons, $/acre foot)
  • Identify energy efficiency measures that will measure cost, potential utility incentive, net measure cost, and provide a simple payback period.
  • Monitor power factor as a user may incur additional charges if equipment is operating with a low power factor
  • Pressure testing during irrigation cycles, identify over pumping situations, low pressure situations, etc


Irrigation Technologies construction services track the progress of installation at every step. Communication to all team members provides assurance that all bases are covered and there are no loose ends or dropped tasks. Post-construction services put the polish on the system, and provide the Superintendent and his staff the education, tools and documentation to operate the system at its highest levels of efficiency. Irrigation Technologies offers a full suite of services that will take the developed design and implement:

  • GPS as-staked plan development
  • GPS equipment staking
  • Site visits and observation
  • Project cost monitoring
  • GPS record drawings
  • Pay request verification
  • Punch list generation and verification and authorization
  • Central computer programming
  • Head yardage plan sets

The development of a complete set of construction documents is crucial to the success of any project. As important, are the construction services we offer during the installation. We work hand in hand with the installing contractor to make sure the equipment presented in the design set is being installed as specified, and will perform to its’ highest possible level. As-staked and as-built plans are provided during each site visit and provide a measure of the project progress. We program the central computer as the system is being installed to allow the superintendent to become comfortable with the way the system performs. We are proactive in identifying potential punch list items, and require that the contractor address those issues as the installation on each hole is completed. In the end, the irrigation system will operate for years at an optimum level of performance